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Confirmed: 'iProd 2' is the new Apple TV


We've received a tip from an iPhone developer who was looking through the USB device configuration list in the new iOS 4.2 beta. Our source found the fascinating configuration descriptor shown above. Noted as iProd in the device configuration, this slip shows that this instance of iProd is the new Apple TV, not a new, unannounced iPad. TUAW previously broke the news that a similar iProd descriptor was used to denote the original iPad.

While the Apple TV demonstrations during Apple's launch event show that the new Apple TV isn't running the iPhone's central Springboard application, it's very possible that the Apple TV will be jailbreakable since it is an iOS device.

Analysts have speculated that the onboard storage of the new Apple TV will be minimal, since the company has publicly stated that the device will support media streaming only. As a result, if hackers are able to jailbreak the device, there may not be enough room to run custom apps, nor is it clear how those applications would interact with the Apple Remote.

The new Apple TV is scheduled to ship in late September for $99, and it will be interesting to see how quickly the hacker community is able to tear into the device. Of course, the 'classic' Apple TV has been modded and supercharged in many ways.

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