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HTC PD53100 gets FCC approval: is this the F8181 Brew MP phone?

Chris Ziegler

Gleaning valuable information from an HTC FCC filing is like getting blood from a stone, but there are a couple tidbits in the filing for the so-called PD53100 that have us thinking this might be the F8181 for AT&T that we leaked not long ago. First, the SAR report refers to it as a "touch phone," not a "smartphone" as most of HTC's filings typically do; indeed, the F8181 is a Qualcomm Brew MP device, which most folks (us included) will argue doesn't qualify as a smartphone. Secondly, it's got 850 and 1900MHz 3G, which are exactly the flavors AT&T would require to make high-speed magic happen. It's certainly not the most exciting product in AT&T's sights -- that honor might go to another HTC -- but given what we know of the dumbphone market, we'd gladly take a Sense-enabled HTC over the typical fare.

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