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PSP2 apparently in Mortal Kombat developers' hands, said to be a 'pretty powerful machine'


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We just heard last month that Sony might already be showing off some prototype PSP2 hardware (said to be roughly similar in size to the PSP-3000), and it now looks like the next-gen handheld may have found its way into some developers' hands as well. That's according to Shaun Himmerick of Netherrealm Studios, at least, who responded to a question about a new Mortal Kombat possibly heading to the PSP or 3DS by saying that while they won't be launching day one on those devices, they actually "have a PSP2 in house." He further went on to say that the PSP2 looks "like it's a pretty powerful machine," and added that they don't yet have a 3DS system but are looking to get one. No confirmation from Sony on this, as you might expect, but it certainly seems like the hardware is pretty far along -- possibly even ahead or on the same track as the 3DS?

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