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ARGO Online clanking towards the West

When it comes to interesting combinations, how does the idea of a steampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, free-to-play title grab you? Interest piqued? Well, when we heard that ARGO Online will offer a combination of these varied things, our ears definitely perked up. Even better, burda:ic and MGame are partnering up to bring this diverse-mix MMO to the West in early 2011.

Set in a dark future, ARGO Online will drop players into a mishmashed world where these divergent themes will come together as the technologically advanced Noblians and nature-inspired Floresslah battle for supremacy. The game will feature eight different classes, traditional PvE questing, different PvP scenarios with a ranking system, achievements, and more. If you're curious for a look at this upcoming title, then be sure to check out the trailer behind the break. In the meantime, we'll be over here shining up our goggles and getting ready for some high-flying MMO fun on a blimp.

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