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Cataclysm beginner tooltips option simplifies abilities for rookies


Are you planning on rolling a spec that you've never tried before when Cataclysm hits? (Shadow priest, perhaps?) Well, good news -- Blizzard is introducing a new feature into the game called "beginner tooltips." This optional feature, which you can toggle on and off through the interface menu, reduces the complexity of the information in tooltips.

While most of these new tooltips have yet to be implemented, the few that have been provide a basic level of instruction aimed at new and younger players. For example, the tooltip for the druid tanking ability Growl normally reads, "Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you." With the beginner tooltips feature turned on, the tooltip suggests it be used to "protect friends with less health and armor than you."

Beginner tooltips frequently lack numbers and often suggest when you should use the ability; the tooltip for the holy priest ability Holy Fire tells you to "use (it) as an opener." Not sure how to DPS as a rogue? Have absolutely no idea how to play a shirtless holy paladin that was forced upon you by hundreds of faceless voters? These new tooltips will give you clues.

The beginner tooltips may also help address one of Blizzard's longer-standing problems -- convincing new players to stay with the game long enough to learn how to play it. As reported here back in February, only three in 10 trial accounts ever get past level 10.

We chose a few noteworthy beginner tooltips from a number of different classes and put them side by side with their Wrath-style versions for you in a gallery.

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