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Disgaea 4 coming to PS3 in Japan February 2011


Nippon Ichi Software introduced a project that "holds the fate of our company" -- Disgaea 4. The president of Nippon Ichi took the stage of a TGS press conference to announce the game wearing a Prinny suit to show "how serious we are."

Like previous entries in the series, Disgaea 4 is a hardcore SRPG with a comedic twist. NIS is promising "stupidity to the MAX" in this upcoming endeavor. Taking place in hell, the story will have a political theme, with players building their own political cabinets. "I'd love to have questionable politicians play this game," he joked.

New features for Disgaea 4 are the addition of network features which will allow you to invade other player's worlds, and vice versa. However, the primary new feature is the revamped focused on graphics. While the game will still retain its trademark 2D look, the resolution of the sprite art has been bumped significantly, and will look more like illustrator Takehito Harada's original drawings. "Wow, that must have cost a lot," the NIS host joked during the presentation.

Disgaea 4 will be releasing exclusively on PS3 on February 24, 2011 in Japan. A US release should follow afterwards.

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