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Everything you wanted to know about the Internet Explorer logo but were afraid to ask


Apple may have gotten a bit of attention by radically redesigning the iTunes icon, but it's not the only desktop mainstay that's undergone a change -- Microsoft also revised the Internet Explorer logo once again for its latest release, and it's now taken the opportunity to offer a bit of insight into its design process. As explained on its Internet Explorer blog, the original blue "e" was designed to represent a globe, with the "orbiter" intended to depict speed and exploration. For Internet Explorer 9 both elements were updated, with the "e" getting a slightly more modern treatment, while the orbiter was given a fuller, more continuous connection and the appearance of an even faster orbit. That's just scratching the surface, though -- hit up the source link below for a detailed look at the making of the new logo, and a look back at its evolution over the past 15 years.

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