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Friday Livestream: Vindictus [Updated]


Hey everyone, it's your favorite day -- Friday! The weekend is fast approaching, so let's kick it off by checking out a brand-new game!

This week we're getting vindictive with Nexon's Vindictus! Vindictus has certainly been a popular topic this week, what with us giving away 4,000 beta keys in little over three hours, with many more keys distributed by you lovely readers! But for those of you who may not have gotten a key, we're going to take a little tour of Nexon's bloody masterpiece while going over the ups and downs of the game.

So please, hit the play button above to watch the livestream narrated by Seraphina Brennan, or double-click the video to be taken to our Livestream page, where you can chat with other Massively users in real-time and talk with Sera!

[Update: Thanks to an unfortunate maintenance period, we switched midway through our Vindictus livestream to stream LotRO F2P instead. Come join in!]

[Update 2: Thank you everyone who came today! The livestream is now over, but you can watch our other pre-recorded content on Massively TV right here! Enjoy!]

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