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Rumor: Apple working on parts for iPad 2


Here's a fun rumor to give you something to dream about this weekend. Digitimes is reporting that Apple is on the hunt for parts for the iPad 2. The company is reportedly in the validation stage with a few suppliers for touch-based displays and reinforced glass, prepping production on a second generation iPad for a launch in early 2011.

That's all we've got -- there's no details on what new features the iPad might have (although a camera would be an excellent guess) or any other way it might differ from the current model, but it looks like most of the speculation has been on target so far. There's still quite a while to wait (and honestly, I'd still recommend buying an iPad if you want one right now -- next year is still a ways away, and 4.2 will make even the "old" units seem new again), but there's almost no doubt another iPad is going to happen next year.

[via TMO]

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