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This week on The MMO Report

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

This week's MMO Report finds Casey Schreiner all comfy with his feet propped on the desk, accusing us of cannibalism and bringing you the latest MMO news.

First up, of course, was the tale of Bad Bobby and his EVE Online hijinks, a story that caused a huge stir in the MMO world over the weekend. SWTOR's announcement regarding Corellia got some attention, and Casey echoed the hope of many fans: since Corellia is Han Solo's future home, BioWare had better pony up a nod to the Solo name.

Up next was Need for Speed World and its sudden switch to free-to-play, along with the upcoming new content and cash shop items. Company of Heroes Online, Final Fantasy XIV's maps, and Uncle Casey's Mailbag wrapped up the show, so follow along after the jump to see this week's MMO Report!

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