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UTV True Games readies Faxion Online

Jef Reahard

Ready to do your part in the eternal struggle between the forces of heaven and hell? No, we're not talking about the Bible Online or, God forbid (please), another Left Behind game, but rather UTV True Games' Faxion Online. The free-to-play fantasy title features endless battles for territorial control over Limbo, the war-torn nether realm that exists between paradise and eternal damnation.

While the idea of banishing PvPers to the depths of hell might appeal to some, Faxion is aiming to attract both PvE and PvP players, and encourages factional struggles to control the fate of the seven deadly sins (which make up the title's contested zones). If it sounds a bit unusual, it is, but it's also being produced by a team that includes veterans of both Ultima Online and Shadowbane, so we'll be watching this one with a fair bit of interest.

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