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GOG closed, but 'this doesn't mean GOG is dead' [update]

For a little over two years, CD Projekt's digital distribution platform, Good Old Games, has offered shoppers shelves stocked with DRM-free indie gems and beloved classics. Sadly, it seems the site's run has come to an end -- an update on announces "we've decided that simply cannot remain in its current form."

CD Projekt might not have given up on the classic archive altogether, as the update later adds, "this doesn't mean the idea behind is gone forever. We're closing down the service and putting this era behind us as new challenges await." If you've purchased games on the platform before, don't panic, as the site will soon "put in place a solution to allow everyone to re-download their games."

Update: It's starting to look like the platform's shutdown is just a marketing stunt. Good Old Games spokesman Tom Ohle told us that "as the site says, this doesn't mean GOG is dead. We will have more to share in the next couple of days." A NeoGAF poster dug up a Polish business forum, in which CD Projekt co-founder Michał Kiciński purportedly mentions a conference dated for this Wednesday, adding, "we'll post information about this soon on (please do not panic after reading the information contained there.)" We'll keep an eye out for more info.

Update 2: It looks like answers to what's going on over at GOG will surface on Wednesday. Another update on the shut-down site reads, "the official statement from's management concerning the ongoing events is planned on Wednesday." Earlier in the update, the site explains, "we guarantee that every user who bought any game on will be able to download all their games with bonus materials, DRM-free and as many times as they need starting this Thursday."

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