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WoW Insider's Brewfest FAQ

Allison Robert

Within 24 hours, Brewfest will have begun on all servers regardless of location, and if you're new to the holiday or just need some extra information, we hope this FAQ will be helpful!

Help! Where do I go to get started? There will be special holiday-related NPCs parked around most major cities to direct you to the festival, but if you want to skip directly to the main event, head to Ironforge (if you're Alliance) or Orgrimmar (if you're Horde). The festival areas are located outside the main gates of each.

I'm starting from scratch and want the Brewmaster title. How do I get that? You'll want to read our OverAchiever on how to do all of the holiday-related achievements. Keep in mind that only six are required for the Brewmaster title and meta (which is itself required for What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been, if you're working toward a Violet Proto-Drake).

How do I get the holiday items I need for achievements?
Many can be purchased for regular old copper or silver from Brewfest vendors, but others will require Brewfest Prize Tokens, a special currency awarded only during the holiday.

How do I get Brewfest Prize Tokens?
There are lots of different ways. Prize Tokens are awarded for several quests (some non-repeatable, some daily), and you can also get a bunch for delivering kegs every 18 hours or so.

Non-repeatable quests:

Daily quests:
  • Bark for (brewery)! In the central festival area outside Ironforge/Orgrimmar, you'll find several breweries eager to have you advertise their wares. Every day, they'll give you a rental ram and the chance to earn 15 tokens by racing it around the city to several locations. Unfortunately, you can only advertise for one brewery per day.
  • This One Time, When I Was Drunk (Alliance) or This One Time, When I Was Drunk (Horde) Every 30 minutes, Dark Iron dwarves will attack the festival areas. Fight them off, and they'll drop a large cog awarding this daily quest, redeemable for 10 Brewfest Prize Tokens.
  • Ram Racing If you complete There and Back Again (see above), the Ram Racing Master will offer you the chance to run kegs every 18 hours. The number of tokens you'll get from this will vary depending on skill.
Help! I suck at ram racing! The rams can only gallop for a limited amount of time before they become exhausted and slow to a crawl. If you're running kegs, proximity to an apple bucket will refresh them; if you're barking for a brewery, you're on your own. The trick to good ram racing is to hotkey the Ram Racing Reins somewhere convenient on your bars (you may want to leave it there for the duration of the holiday so you don't waste time putting it back after you're mounted) and know in advance how much speed you can afford at any given leg of your journey. That really only comes with experience, but you'll find some good advice on WoWWiki's Brewfest page.

Every player out there has had the supremely frustrating experience of having a ram move at the pace of a Virginia Woolf novel at the worst possible time, so hang in there. You'll get better with practice.

Why is there so much conflicting information on these quests and dailies?
Blizzard's tinkered with Brewfest a lot, and quest availability, cooldowns and rewards have changed each year. The "ram racing" cooldown was 18 hours (not 12, as you'll commonly hear) as of 2009. The Pink Elekk and wolpertinger quests weren't available on the EU realms last year. Mounts (see below) were once buyable if you'd saved 600 Brewfest Prize Tokens.

UPDATE: As with last year, European realms had the wolpertinger and pink elekk quests available for only a short time before they were yanked down.

Are any noncombat pets available?
Two. Do the quest Catch the Wild Wolpertinger (Alliance) or Catch the Wild Wolpertinger (Horde) and you'll be rewarded with Wolpertinger's Tankard. This is also one of the achievements required for the Brewmaster title. The wolpertinger is a small rabbit with wings, antlers and big teeth. If other players have theirs out, you'll only be able to see them if your character is drunk or grouped with them.

The other pet is the Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, sold by Brewfest Token Redeemers for 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens.

Are any mounts available?
The holiday boss, Coren Direbrew, has a chance to drop two mounts: the Swift Brewfest Ram and the Great Brewfest Kodo. Because these are considered special drops, you'll only have a shot at them from a special loot bag once per day.

How do I get to Coren Direbrew?
As of this year, Blizzard has changed the way you reach holiday bosses. Open your dungeon finder tool (the default hotkey for this is the I key). Under the dropdown menu (the one you use to select specific dungeons) will be an option allowing you to queue for special holiday bosses like Coren. Choose this and you can queue for a group.

What else does Coren Direbrew drop?
His 2010 loot bag remains the same as its 2009 incarnation, below:

  • Trinkets Most of these are copies of the ilevel 200 vendor trinkets available for Emblems of Heroism (and they stack with their "parent" trinket), but the Bitter Balebrew Charm and Bubbling Brightbrew Charm are unique stamina trinkets that many tanks find useful to boost their health.
  • Weapons Of note here is that the Tankard O'Terror, which is a BoE piece and can thus be sold. You will almost certainly see them on the auction house if you're not lucky enough to get a drop.
  • Other
    • Direbrew's Remote This is an interesting little item that, once used, will summon a Dark Iron mole machine to carry you and any party/raid members directly to the Grim Guzzler. This is useful to any class who wants to reach the Eastern Kingdoms continent relatively quickly, although it'll take you a little bit to exit BRD and reach a flight path in the Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes. In Cataclysm, this is significantly faster, as you can fly within the Blackrock Mountain complex. Additionally, you can get a special TAFKAL80ETC performance if you use your Remote to get to the Grim Guzzler; just talk to the goblin roadies in the bar.
Wait a minute. Why are the Brewfest Ram and Swift Brewfest Ram being sold by the Ram Racing Apprentice? If you're seeing these for sale, your character must have been around in 2007 to do the mount-related quest, which was how you got the Rams in those days. The quest is no longer available.

Anything else I should know?
The special colored tankards available each year from the holiday (e.g. the Yellow Brewfest Stein from 2007, Blue Brewfest Stein from 2008 and Green Brewfest Stein from 2009) are unavailable after Brewfest ends. Each has turned into a Feat of Strength. For 2010, the Green Brewfest Stein is still in the game; it doesn't look like they've done a special color for this year. Go grab yourself an easy Feat of Strength!

Working on achievements? The Overachiever is here to help! We cover everything from Glory of the Hero and Insane in the Membrane to Master of Alterac Valley and Lil' Game Hunter, and you can count on us to guide you through Azeroth's holidays and special events.

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