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Edwin and Enoch: El Shaddai's official jeans


Are you over your initial shock about Ignition's El Shaddai, the abstract, psychedelic third-person action game based on the Bible's Book of Enoch? Now that you've assimilated that into your worldview, prepare to have your mind blown once again: this Bible-themed game includes co-marketing with jeans.

An Ignition rep explained to us that Lucifel (a certain fallen angel you may have heard of, who goes on to a measure of infamy after the game's time) is capable of traveling through time at will, and enjoys the 20th century, bringing back styles from the era into the distant past for himself and his pal Enoch. This includes the jeans both wear, which are Edwin brand. In turn, Edwin will offer special El Shaddai styles of its jeans in Japan, on display in glass cases at TGS.

The rep was careful to explain that El Shaddai wasn't conceived as a vehicle for clothing marketing -- we believe this, given that one of the in-game "models" is, you know, the devil, which can't be one hundred percent ideal.

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