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Join us for our Final Fantasy XIV launch day Livestream


You've heard the debates. You've seen the screenshots. You've read the beta previews. Now, this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. EDT, we're bringing the game to you live, thanks to the power of internet streaming.

Come join me, Seraphina Brennan, on Massively TV as I unbox the Final Fantasy XIV collector's edition and jump into the fray of collector's edition launch day! We'll cover the trials and tribulations of creating a character, push into the starting cities amongst a gigantic wave of people, and pray every waking minute that the server doesn't explode in a ball of fire. (Exciting stuff!)

I'll also be taking questions, shout-outs, and comments from our Livestream and IRC chats (, #massively), so please drop by and talk at me while I combat the villainous "Lag" and his partner, "Disconnect." I'll try to answer as much as I can about the game, in addition to offering my opinion on the game's various systems, controls, graphics, and overall gameplay.

Need an emailed event reminder? Drop by our Livestream page and be sure to hit the big "remind me" button next to the event listing at the top of the page, above the video!

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