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Official Etch A Sketch case makes iPad even more attractive to your kids


We've seen just about every type of iDevice case ever made, but this one takes the prize for originality.

Based on the famous Ohio Art Etch A Sketch magic screen drawing slate, the Etch A Sketch iPad Case ($39) from Headcase is very realistic looking, down to the cheesy gold paint on the logo. The case should be realistic, as it is officially licensed by Ohio Art.

There are some differences between the case and the real Etch A Sketch: the white knobs won't act as cursor control on your cursor-less iPad, the case has a couple of indentations for the ambient light detector and home button, and the battery life on the original Etch A Sketch is much better. Oh, and the original Etch A Sketch is $17.99, while an iPad costs considerably more.

Check out the gallery below for more shots of this clever iPad case.

Gallery: Etch A Sketch iPad Case from Headcase | 5 Photos

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