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The Queue: Failure

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue, WoW Insider's daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

I don't know which WoW Insider staff member originally cropped the image above so neatly, but they left it laying around our newsroom, and therefore it's fair game. Mine now! Sucks to be you, random WoW Insider writer! Guess who just stole your thunder! Yeah. That's right. It was me. (I hope it wasn't Rossi's picture ...)

If the above image is familiar to you, that's good! It goes hand in hand with the first iteration of worgen failure.

Cetha asked:

After reading the comments on the new female worgen faces, it made me wonder: How often do people actually look at the faces of their toons, besides in the character select screen?

When I build my toons, I always spin them around and pick the hairstyle that looks best from the back, since 99% of the time spent looking at my toon is spent looking at the back.

I see my characters' faces all the time! Aesthetics are very important to me in a game. Good aesthetics won't fix a bad game in my mind, but bad aesthetics will ruin a good game. I choose my characters' appearances very carefully, front and back. If my character looks bad, I don't want to play it. Yes, even if I can stick a helmet on them like some sort of paper bag of shame. There are races I simply will not play because I think they look bad and have stupid faces. Go on, guess what they are!

Gallery: Worgen female models | 79 Photos

RogueJedi86 asked:

Does Vashj'ir have any rep factions? I notice because that list has two of them for the same zone (Therazane/Earthen Ring for Deepholm), with the rest for Uldum/Hyjal/Tol Barad/Twilight Highlands, but no Vashj'ir.

Vashj'ir has a hefty amount of Earthen Ring reputation from the shaman that you work with in early parts of the zone, and then it progresses into Alliance/Horde reputation. The Earthen Ring are present in multiple zones and is the major faction in Cataclysm. You'll be seeing a lot of them.

Fairlane asked:

With the domain change, will you be getting a new comment system?

... Bahahaha. You're kidding, right? Hahaha. Ha.

Oh. ... oh. You weren't kidding. Yes, it's a possibility. In the coming months, we're supposed to be getting a design pass to bring us in line with our new location, but the exact details of that aren't completely worked out. If we get a "new" comment system, it will be the one that Joystiq Prime uses. It's not new-new, but it's a little bit better.

Juanin asked:

Will the web adress stop redirecting to at any time?

Yes, will stop redirecting to us in a few weeks. will redirect to us for ... hopefully forever!

dpoyesac asked:

Anyone know if the Brewfest boss has been changed to the LFD/auto-zone in/loot-bag system from the Midsummer boss (Lord Ahune)?

Yes, all holiday bosses have been switched over to this system.
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