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Zentia celebrates open beta, new website and contests


Zentia has been one of those surprising little games that seems to have come out of nowhere. You would be hard-pressed to find another game that features so many details under one roof -- as well as so many smart-alec monsters. Well, it seems to be taking off, thanks to its ability to prove itself to disbelievers. With this new-found success comes a series of announcements (as well as an upcoming contest from us here at Massively), starting with open beta kicking off in early October. The developers will be adding four new characters to choose from, exciting high-level content, plenty of new events and access to the token shop. A recent patch also added fixes for common issues.

Developer ChangYou also launched a brand-new website for the game and is hosting a screenshot collecting contest to celebrate. The "Legend of the Zentia Seeker" starts with a poem and details being published on the official forums:

Heroes! You are charged with a new task,
One with rewards greater than you could ask.
Complete this quest to gain the treasures you seek,
But adventurer be warned: it's not for the meek.
Find NPC's from across the land,
From the densest forest to the beaches' sands.
You will travel far, your search will be wide,
But you must discover where they all hide.
And once you have found their mysterious locations,
Take a picture of each with no hesitations.
Follow the guidelines for your chance at true bliss,
Break just one rule and your efforts are useless.
Now, heroes, I wish you all the best,
So get out there and enjoy this contest!

You can also like the game on Facebook, or follow the team on Twitter.

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