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Clear WiMAX is live in New York City (updated: semi-live)

Chris Ziegler

Sprint and Clearwire's WiMAX service has been making occasional cameos throughout the five boroughs since at least June, but now it's official: the service has been launched, closing up one of the most conspicuous holes in coverage so far. This matches up nicely with the San Francisco go-live we reported on earlier today, so you'll now be able to take your red eye from the Big Apple to the City by the Bay without fear that your EVO's going to get slow when you go wheels-down. Plans run from $25 a month (for the iSpot) all the way up to $55 for a mixed-mode WiMAX and EV-DO data stick, which works out to somewhere between 0.00001 and 0.0003 percent of your housing costs in Manhattan. Glass is half full, y'know.

[Thanks, Marcus]

Update: We've just been contacted by Clear and told that New York's still in the "operational readiness" phase of the go-live, which means hardware's only being offered to customers in limited areas and not all hardware is available (notably, the iSpot isn't yet being offered). Same goes for Los Angeles. San Francisco, meanwhile, isn't yet there -- we're told there might be some limited pockets where service is showing up, but Clear hasn't commercially launched there, even on a limited scale. For what it's worth, all of these areas are still expected to go fully live in 2010, they're just not quite there yet.

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