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EVE Online raising money for Pakistan flood victims


In a second act of charity springing from the eerily lifelike financial depths of EVE Online, players are being offered a chance to donate to victims of flooding in Pakistan using 30-day subscription codes (or "PLEX") as currency. The game's proprietor, CCP Games, will convert the month's worth of playtime into actual, real-life dollars -- worth between $11-$15 each, depending on the subscription plan -- which will then be given to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society. Players are allowed to donate as many times as they'd like.

CCP raised over $40,000 for Haiti during its last PLEX donation drive, though we're sure the game's economically studious players can do even better this time around. Right?! That said, we should probably note that CCP sees "any scamming attempts surrounding this effort to be morally reprehensible" and warns that "they will be met with swiftest action." For specific details on the donation process, the CCP dev blog and FAQ page have more.

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