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OFLC rates Capcom's Commando and Exed Exes, likely for VC


Here's something we don't get to write about very often any more: games that appear to be headed for the Wii Virtual Console. Australia's OFLC rated two classic Capcom arcade games that are most likely bound for the sadly neglected download service: Commando, the top-down shooting game that is probably best known now for being kind of connected to Bionic Commando, and a vertical shooter called Exed Exes.

We can be fairly certain these ratings point to a Virtual Console release, because Exed Exes was just put on the Virtual Console in Japan today. And now we begin the long wait until these two games make their way over. (Or we can just play them on Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 for PS2 and Xbox.)

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