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Warner Bros. says Apple's TV rentals are too cheap

Keith M

When Apple recently announced the availability of $0.99 rentals of TV episodes, not every network was on board with it. The Walt Disney Co. and News Corp. (parents of ABC and FOX, respectively) were good with the deal, though one of the most notable opponents was Warner Bros. (CW, among others). The reason: $0.99 for an episode rental is too cheap.

Chief Exec Barry Meyer of Warner Bros. went on to say that having rentals set at such a low price would hurt sales of full seasons of their television shows, adding that the current $2.99 to own an episode, via iTunes, suited them just fine.

Ever since the idea of renting TV episodes came about, I couldn't fathom why someone would choose to purchase -- permanently -- an entire season of a show until after they'd already seen it. I can see why one would want to watch their absolute favorites over and over again, but only once they know they're good. Rentals can only help boost sales of permanent purchases, but the show has to be proven good first. Maybe that's what's really scaring Warner Bros. here.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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