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Xbox Live subscribers can vote for upcoming Deal of the Week

Microsoft has put an interesting turn on its weekly rotation of discounted items on Xbox Live -- the Spotlight tab on the console's dashboard currently includes a poll which will let users choose which of a handful of items they'd like to have marked down for an undisclosed week in October. These discounts include 33 percent off DeathSpank, half off Perfect Dark, or similar markdowns on DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, Trials HD and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

It would be unethical for us to use our considerable internet power to get you to pick the thing that we'd like to pick up at a discounted price, so we'll refrain from doing so. Instead, we'll just have to rely on the same remote mind-control tactics we've been using to puppeteer your every action for the past four years now. That's right, Brandon, we're inside your mind.

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