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En Masse shows off PAX TERA demo video

Jef Reahard

En Masse Entertainment has taken the wraps off a lengthy video edit of their PAX Prime 2010 TERA press demonstration. If you missed the game convention, as well as our coverage of the cultist refuge, you can sample scenes from the demo that have been cut together and made available on YouTube. The video, featuring a look at several boss fights as well as the interior and exterior of the cultist's refuge, runs right at six minutes in length and is underscored by some cheeky narration courtesy of producers Sam Kim and Stefan Ramirez.

"TERA is deep, it doesn't just have a story, it is a story. Progression isn't just about levels, items, or skills but about moving the story forward and finding out more about the world and your role in it as a player," Kim notes.

In addition to the usual footage of TERA's combat, there are also some interesting shots of the environments and what looks to be harvesting mechanics in the form of butterfly gathering.

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