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Explosionade side-scrolling into Xbox Live Indie Games this week


It's just like Mom always said: When life gives you explosions, you make Explosionade -- and then release it on Xbox Live. Maybe that wasn't what she said (we weren't listening most of the time), but Mommy's Best Games took that advice, because its 2D side-scrolling shooter is coming to Xbox Live's Indie Games platform sometime this week. The title will have "dozens" of challenge rooms to play through, two-player co-op, online high scores and, as you can probably tell from the name, lots and lots of things blowing other things up.

MBG previously released the popular indie title Weapon of Choice, so this should be one to look for. Plus, sales of this game will contribute towards the release of Grapple Buggy, a title that MBG has been seeking a publisher for so it can land on Xbox Live Arcade actual. There's no word on Explosionade's price, but you can look for it on the XBLM by sometime on Saturday night. It's just like Mom always said: Support your indie developers. She did say that one, right? Maybe not.

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