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GoG not dead, relaunching with new site

Justin McElroy

So Good Old Games finally put an end to its wretched "we're pretending to close" stunt today. In a bizarre announcement, for which the company's leaders appeared in monk's robes, it was announced that the service will relaunch with a revamped website.

There were also plenty of (much-needed) apologies from the company for its hoax, which turned mourning for the site's demise into waves of vitriol from a jilted fan base.

Update: So, here are the broad strokes of the new
  • Facebook integration that allows you to "Like" games
  • A new recommendation system based on games you've bought and rated
  • A download calculator
  • GoGmixes: user-created lists of titles grouped around a single theme
  • Baldur's Gate will be added to the service when it relaunches tomorrow at 9AM ET

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