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Motorola confirms Flipout is coming to US in time for the holidays

Chris Ziegler

Responding to our earlier note that Motorola's unusual Flipout hadn't launched on the rumored date, the company has reached out to us today to say that it's "expected to be available in the US before the holiday season." So yeah, that would definitively quash any thoughts that the phone may have been spiked by AT&T, but it still leaves us a pretty big window of potential dates -- any time between now and Thanksgiving would seem like prime launch territory. Moto wouldn't comment on what carriers would be getting it, but as we mentioned, all the leaks and rumors so far point squarely at AT&T; they certainly haven't shied away from Motorola Android devices with strange form factors in the past, so we'd still expect to see it there. More on this as we have it!

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