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Porsche stuffs modern NAV into retro radio, tips hat to loyal 911 owners

Darren Murph

Porsche knows better than anyone that it'll take a miracle for owners of many older 911s to upgrade, so rather than crying over it, it's figuring out a new way to milk stale customers. The head unit you see above is described as the "Classic Radio Navigation System," and apparently, it's designed to fit within the dashes of 911 motorcars built between 1963 and 1977. In short, it offers a modern-day navigation experience within a radio that still fits the motif of those gorgeous pieces of iron, and at €595 ($776), it shouldn't be a tough sell to any true collector. Word on the street has it that it'll hit Porsche dealers next month, ensuring that you'll finally be able to make that Thanksgiving jaunt to grandmother's house without getting turned around. Now, if only we knew what kind of mapping software it'll ship with...

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