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Sprint outs EVO 4G and Hero updates, EVO framerate cap might be solved

Chris Ziegler

Last time we checked in on this problem, HTC had said that the EVO 4G's 30fps cap on video output simply couldn't be increased -- but it seems the latest firmware update might prove otherwise. We've got a couple screen shots showing details of the latest upgrades for both the EVO and the Hero; in the latter case, you've just got a couple bug fixes, but the EVO's list includes a total of four: the nasty calendar issue, the 30fps fix, a reboot problem involving GPS, and multiple Gmail sync that was busted in the Froyo update. Interestingly, Sprint's official changelog only mentions the calendar and Gmail sync fixes, so it's possible they're trying to keep the other two low-key to prevent undue questions and curiosity from folks as they upgrade. What's everyone seeing out there?

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