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TK-421 abandons his post, brings us this flip-out QWERTY case for iPhone

Sean Hollister

Nuu Mini Key didn't satisfy your desire for a physical keyboard on your iPhone? Try this TK-421 QWERTY case instead, which sexes up the formula with a swiveling package that hearkens back to the T-Mobile Sidekick. There's still no extra battery life to be had here, and yes, the keypad connects via Bluetooth, but we're willing to sacrifice a good bit for a totally awesome hinge and a dedicated number row. Invented, designed and sold by ThinkGeek, gadget stocking stuffer seller extraordinaire, the unit's priced at a very reasonable $50. Shame it's not slated to ship till "mid-November" and only then in limited quantities, else we'd snap up two right now. Watch that screen spin right round after the break.

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