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TUAW TV Live: Talking apps with Sam Levin at 5 PM EDT


Today's special guest on TUAW TV Live will be veteran podcaster Sam Levin, host of the AppMinute podcast (click to subscribe). Sam's well-known for short podcasts that are chock-full of plenty of information. When the two of us get together on the air this afternoon at 5 PM EDT, we'll have a lot to talk about.

Some probable topics on the show will be the recent clarification of Apple's app acceptance criteria, some of the apps that have been welcomed to the App Store as a result, and what this all means for developers and app purchasers. We'll also talk a bit about the Android platform and its impact in terms of competition to iOS.

Those topics and more will be discussed when we get together for TUAW TV Live. Be sure to drop by TUAW just before 5 PM EDT (2 PM PDT) to get the livestream viewer up and running, and to log into the chat room. You can also visit TUAW TV Live's home on Ustream at to view and participate in the show.

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