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DeathSpank soundtracks could be released for free in exchange for 'Likes'

Are you looking for a set of tunes to listen to while vanquishing scores of foes in search of marginally improved equipment? Sounds like you need the Jeff Tymoschuk-composed soundtracks to DeathSpank and its follow-up, Thongs of Virtue. As revealed on the game's site, the soundtracks might be released for free if enough fans "Like" Hothead Games' official Facebook page. Oh, and in this case, Hothead has quantified "enough fans" as "4,000 fans."

At the time of this writing, the page is currently sitting at a little under 700 members, so you've got a ways to go before the albums are released. Still, if there's anything we know about you guys, it's that you aren't quitters. You're not quitters, are you? You don't seem like quitters.

[Thanks, Patrick]

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