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GooTasks syncs tasks from Google


We all know that trying to sync up tasks from your Google account to your iPhone / iPad can be a laborious, if not impossible, task! And if you didn't know that, ... now you do. The only way to access Google tasks is through mobile Safari or another Web browser. Even Google Mobile App will direct you to the Web-based version of Google tasks, via Safari. And, as it stands, there is no way to access Google tasks on the iOS either, only notes can be synced through that.

No one's saying the Web-based version of Google tasks is such a bad thing, but if you're desperate to deal with your Google tasks through an app, with that app feel, shine and shimmer, then check out GooTasks.

GooTasks is a straight forward and very simple app. It allows you to manage, create, edit, and delete Google tasks from various Google accounts and lists so that you can have all of your tasks in just one place. And it's free.

I must admit, it's not all that different from Google's own mobile, Web-based version. The only difference that I could find is an offline mode, for use when you're off the grid. Naturally, your tasks will only sync once you're back online.

GooTasks is made by French developer Runware. You can check out the GooTasks website in English here, but be warned, the iTunes App Store description is in French only.

Another word of caution, GooTasks has an in-app purchase to upgrade to GooTasks Pro at £2.99. For the life of me, I can't figure out what added features you get from this, and I can't glean any further details from their website. So, play it safe, kids!

If you're in the market for something similar to GooTasks, check out CalenGoo or GeeTasks, but these are paid apps. Or, why not make a little Web shortcut on your home screen? That way, with one touch, your tasks will appear before you -- just remember to save your log in details!

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