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RealD to license ZScreen for HDTVs, bring cheap 3D glasses to the masses

Ben Drawbaugh

Most who have seen their favorite content in 3D have seen the light, but still find it hard to look past the glasses. Any 3D glasses are worse than no glasses at all, but expensive 3D glasses make even less sense to most. So while all the consumer 3DTV glasses so far have been of the expensive active shutter variety (which keeps the price of the TVs more in line with the 2D versions), RealD announced at the 3D entertainment summit that it would license its ZScreen technology (pictured above) to 3DTV manufacturers. This means that the same inexpensive 3D glasses used in theaters could be used at home. The big question of course is how much will these 3DTVs cost, and how will the 3D quality experience compare to what active shutter glasses can offer. But to those who hate heavy, expensive 3D glasses that require batteries, this is could certainly be good news.

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