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TUAW's Daily App: Glee Karaoke


Smule has reinvented its official Glee app as Glee Karaoke, specially for the new season of the musical show. Our own Mike Rose enjoyed the first app earlier this year, but this release adds a little competition to the mix -- you can now compete on high score boards for every song, and complete missions in the game to unlock new content and move up the charts. You can also improve your singing by playing with the app -- there's "a touch of pitch correction" in there, and you can get feedback as you sing on just how well you're doing.

The app is cheaper than before, too (just US $0.99 for the original purchase). Songs still have to be purchased separately, but every week, Smule is adding new songs into the mix, so you can keep up with the show during the season.

I have to admit, Smule has been pretty innovative with music on the App Store, and this latest app revamp is no exception. For Glee fans, it's a must, but anyone who enjoys belting out their favorite lyrics should definitely check this one out.

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