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Wowcrendor fires up his own instructional machinima website


If you've been living under a rock where you could never, ever see machinima or fan videos about the World of Warcraft, you might not know the name Wowcrendor. For those machinima-less folks, I'll quickly explain. Wowcrendor is what he calls a "WoW director." These are the devoted fans who take the time to create movies and machinima based on our hobby. (We have a column about it here on WoW Insider. I'm just saying.) Wowcrendor's work is usually especially well received because he consistently manages to nail a funny but loving tone in his videos. He clearly loves both the game and the game's community, even though they drive him up the wall. I've always secretly thought his videos were his way of releasing that anxiety without its blowing his head off via internal combustion.

Well, Wowcrendor also loves machinima. In order to help encourage new directors to join the scene, he's recently launched WoWdirectors. His basic idea is to provide a place for brand new machinimators to go and learn his craft. While community sites like Myndflame have existed for a while, Wowcrendor is hoping to bring his same sense of basics and story to the scene. He's building some how-to guides, critiques, and generally trying to get folks together to talk publicly about the machinima hobby.

Check out WoWdirectors and let them know what you think. Knowing the man as I do, I'm sure he'd be thrilled to have your feedback.

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