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Capcom calls Dead Rising 2: Case Zero 'most dynamic sales weapon' it's ever had


"It's the most dynamic sales weapon we have ever had in our arsenal, giving us the equivalent exposure of a multi-million pound TV campaign," Capcom's UK product manager Karl Reader told MCV. "We foresee other publishers will follow suit."

And why shouldn't they? Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has been a huge success since launching on Xbox Live a few weeks back. At TGS, Capcom announced the game was closing in on 500,000 copies sold. But is there really a way to judge its effectiveness as a marketing solution compared to more traditional sales means, such as TV, print and online ads?

Reader said Case Zero "serves as a barometer for us as a publisher, allowing us to gauge demand for the title and adjust our marketing plans for Dead Rising 2 accordingly." We can all agree Case Zero was successful as a standalone game, but there's no way to tell whether it was an effective way to market Dead Rising 2 until it launches on September 28.

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