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Cliff Bleszinski (probably) beat more NES games than you


Beyond being recognized as a high score champion in the first issue of Nintendo Power, Gears of War creative lead Cliff Bleszinski has an NES marked up with permanent tallies -- what he approximates to represent "close to 60" completed games. He's also got a totally rad sticker of Link on it.

Cliff shared his marked up Nintendo Entertainment System via Twitter. The console also features well-preserved, era-appropriate sticker adornment, and while many of its original "permanent" marker lines have faded, it's clear that he wanted to make sure at least two stood out.

"Deadly Towers and Ghost and Goblins included, son!" Cliff noted when telling us how many NES games he completed; and though 60 was his approximation, "I know I beat more," he added. Cliff also confirmed that the system still works, even if it's seemingly been awhile since he bagged a game on it.

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