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Donkey Kong Country Returns pre-order bonus is a-peel-ing

So, here's the problem: We're big fans of the recently revealed pre-order bonus for Donkey Kong Country Returns, but we don't really know what to call it. Everything we've come up with so far has been way, way too suggestive: Banana dock? Banana holder? Banana sheath? The official GameStop announcement refers to it as a "banana pouch," but even that hits the ear in a manner which causes our inner eight-year-old to flare up with tittering.

Until we can settle on an appropriate name, we'll simply have to refer to it as a Tropical Fruited Wii Remote Cover. The T.F.W.R.C. can be yours by dropping a five-spot on a reservation for Donkey Kong Country Returns at GameStop, either online or in your nearest brick-and-mortar locale.

Now, how do we feel about "banana holster?"

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