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Exclusive photos from iPhone 4 launch in China, new Beijing Apple Store


Our favorite blogger in China, Maik Lutze of, has provided TUAW with exclusive photos from the official Chinese iPhone 4 launch this morning (9/25). Not only were there lines for the iPhone 4, but there was a new Apple Store being opened in Beijing at Xidan's Joy City today, so he provided photos of the crowds on had for the opening:

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This is the second Apple Store in Beijing, the first being the Sanitun store. Maik provided a batch of photos for TUAW of the iPhone 4 lines at this store as well:

Gallery: iPhone 4 Launch -- Sanitun Apple Store, Beijing, China | 8 Photos

The second Apple retail location in Shanghai also opened today. The new Huaihai Lu Apple Store is a two-story structure with the only curved window front of any Apple Store. Apple is really booming in the Chinese market, with a third Beijing store planned for Qianmen Street that will open this fall.

[Shanghai store information via, Beijing store info via Asia Blog]

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