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Joystiq Podcast: Just Riffin 001

Justin McElroy

While the cat's away, the mice will riff. In Chris' absence, Ludwig and Justin carry on with a new iteration of the Joystiq Podcast sub-show, Just Riffin'. They're riffin' this week about life, love, Halo: Reach, Minecraft and oh so much more.

Thanks to Evan Hodgins for his crafty photoshop.

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Hosts: Justin McElroy (@justinmcelroy) and Ludwig Kietzmann (@ludwigk)
Music: "Journey of the Featherless" by Cloud Cult, "Scarecrow People" by XTC
For fans: Joystiq Podcast Facebook group
New to the show?: Listen to Episode Zero
The Do It Line!: 1-(877)-JOYSTIQ

See all of this week's links after the jump.

What are you riffin' about?

Minecraft and Civ 5
Luddy: Bulletstorm, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Halo: Reach

TGS Wrap Up
GoG not dead, relaunching with new site
APB comes to a 'premature end'
Devil May Cry reboot, in trailer and screenshot form

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