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The Daily Grind: What are your favorite player-run events?


The adage goes that no matter how fast developers put content into MMOs, players will blow through it even faster. The end result is a good crowd of antsy gamers with a lot of time on their hands and a desire to do something... anything. Enter player-run events, special games and activities created by players, for the players. These cover the gamut from parades to scavenger hunts to suicidal charges deep into enemy territory.

Some of my favorite memories from MMOs come from participating in -- and even creating -- special events. Level one gnome runs across the world of Azeroth used to be a popular pastime in WoW, City of Heroes is well-known for its constant costume design contests, and not a day goes by without some sort of concert peppering the towns of LotRO.

So what are your favorite player-run events? How have you seen the ingenuity of your fellow gamers blossom into memorable experiences? Did you ever run one yourself? Wake up, splash your face with scalding-hot coffee, and dish!

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