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Amazon just sent out a bunch of emails about Cataclysm's release date


Approximately 37 million of you, in a row, tipped us off tonight about an email from Amazon. This email told people that Cataclysm's release date was Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010, and that those who pre-ordered from Amazon would get it soon after between Nov. 26 and Nov. 29 (due to shipping and the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday).

Amazon is not a reliable source for release dates. They are often wrong. But it is "odd" that they're saying something now, so close the date. We've previously heard a rumor that Nov. 2 might be another release date, and we know that Cataclysm is on track for a 2010 release, barring something nuts.

Until Blizzard announces the date itself, we don't know exactly when Cataclysm will be released. So until then, just grab a towel and don't panic.

And let me just make it real clear: WoW Insider is not claiming Nov. 23 is Cataclysm's release date. We're just reporting on what has happened with Amazon emails.

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