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Griffin's Woogie turns iPhone into a plush


When I was a kid, we just played with regular stuffed animals, and then Teddy Ruxpin came along and blew us all away. But kids these days, they get all kinds of cool stuff. Like look at this thing: they can stick an iPod touch in a "huggable plush accessory" called the Woogie, and run around with it to their heart's content, watching videos, playing with apps, and, I don't know, checking the weather, or whatever else it is that kids want to do on an iPod touch.

I especially like Griffin's selling point on this one -- this case is a bonus for the kids, who get a piece of technology that's a little more fluffy and friendly than Apple's sleek designs. It's a bonus for parents too, as it's much harder to lose or seriously break the iPod when it's wrapped in the big mass of furry green tentacles.

The $20 accessory even comes with its own app, where kids can preview Sesame Street books and, oh I don't know, check the weather or something. If I sound a little bitter, it's probably because I am: Teddy Ruxpin never ran Pocket Frogs for me.

[via Super Punch]

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