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The Daily Grind: What's your preferred weapon type?


Until the day that we can conquer our virtual enemies with hugging and snuggling, it will always be necessary to arm ourselves for battle with the gruesome tools of the trade. MMOs typically start you out on your career with rusty butter knives and wiffle bats, but before long you have the choice of thousands of types and varieties of weapons.

So what's your preferred weapon to kill those 10 rats? Do you like doing your damage up close with dual daggers? Perhaps it's a hefty sword that commands respect as you lop off heads. Or do you spend your time turning living objects into pincushions with your lightning-fast bow and arrow? Maybe your tastes run to the more exotic?

Myself, I'm partial to either quarterstaffs (level softly and carry a big stick, is what I say) and any fully automatic assault rifle that I can get my hands on. I know some players who just can't stand to play any class that can't use a big honking two-handed sword. What about you?

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