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Justice and valorous quartermasters available in Cataclysm beta

Joe Perez

A new beta build was made available last night, and with it, two new vendors located in Stormwind, in the command center found within the Old Town. In preparation for Cataclysm, patch 4.0.1 will bring with it a major gear currency change. These changes do away with the badge system we have now and instead replace them with a point system. Here's a reminder of the breakdown:
  • Justice points low-tier, easy-to-get PvE points that will buy gear (like Emblems of Triumph are now)
  • Valor points high-tier, harder-to-get PvE points that will buy gear (like Emblems of Frost are now)
  • Honor points low-tier, easy-to-get PvP points that will buy PvP gear (like normal honor points are now)
  • Conquest points high-tier, harder-to-get PvP points that will buy PvP gear (like arena points are now)
The two new vendors sell all manner of new items, with ilvl346 gear sold by the justice quartermaster and ilvl359 gear sold by the valorous quartermaster. The valorous quartermaster also appears to sell our tier 11 gear. While not all graphics are updated at this time, you can start to get an idea of the level of stats we can expect to see on the gear. Check out our gallery to see what's been added.

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