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King of Kings 3 launches, and with it, our dreams


"This is the moment online gamers have been waiting for!" gamigo announced today. Didn't you know that you were waiting for something? Sure you did. And apparently that moment was the launch of gamigo's King of Kings 3, which has sailed out of the harbor of beta testing and is now cruising at full speed into open waters.

Citing "overwhelming" feedback from the three-month beta process, the studio feels secure in officially releasing this clan warfare MMO. King of Kings 3 is now available to players in North America and Europe, and it is completely free-to-play, according to the official site. The game features three basic classes, nine advanced classes, 90 levels and plenty of minigame love.

PvP and clan warfare are the cornerstones of King of Kings 3, as gamers build up their communities, form alliances, fashion kingdoms and duke it out with the hated Other Side. Oh, Other Side, won't you ever learn that you are comprised of 78% weaksauce? If your ego needs a virtual kingdom to prop it up, King of Kings 3 has you covered. You can check out the game and play it for free at the official site.

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