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PopCap canned a cute, turn-based Diablo-type game


Casual game (and class 3 electronic pharmaceutical) developer PopCap apparently had a beta of a RPG that "felt like a turn-based version of Diablo that was very cute." PopCap's creative director, Jason Kapalka, recently told Develop in an interview about this latest threat to global productivity. Thankfully (for humanity), Kapalka explained the game's complexity spiraled "out of control," stopped being casual and was dropped.

The game now slumbers in PopCap's "design review" dossier, awaiting the day some adventurous designer solves the mystery of making it casual and unleashes its fury upon the masses. Kapalka expressed that every couple of months PopCap looks back on the game "because it was really fun," but that there are a dozen or so games in the same position. "These games are never 100 percent dead," Kapalka said. Diablo never is. Never.

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