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The Daily Grind: Will Incarna get you to try EVE?

Jef Reahard

OK, I admit it, I'm one of "those" EVE Online players. You know the type I mean: toodling around high-sec on a five-year old account that's somehow still south of 10 million skill points. EVE is something of a paradox in the MMO space: people love to read and talk about it, but for whatever reason, relatively few of those people actually play the game consistently.

With the recent announcement by CCP that the long-awaited Incarna (a.k.a. "walking in stations") expansion is not only well underway, but slated for Summer 2011, interest in the sci-fi sandbox is bound to increase over the coming months. Hopefully I won't be the only semi-permanent resident of New Eden who finally puts down roots in one of the genre's last proper virtual worlds (with several humanoid-avatar-loving friends in tow).

The question of the day, Massively readers, is how does Incarna's looming reality alter your perception of EVE Online? Do you see yourself trying it out (or returning for a lengthier stay)?

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