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Apple Remote app v2 now available for iOS 4


Apple has released an all-new version of its long-untouched Remote app for iOS devices, which has been well overdue an update for some time now. It has a number of significant new features, including Retina Display support, an all-new iPad UI, gesture-based remote control support for the new Apple TV, and (perhaps most significantly for some people) the ability to use Home Streaming to stream content from an iTunes library on your local network to your iOS device (UPDATE- please see note below). This last addition will be really useful for people with music libraries that are too large to fit on their device.

We'll have more coverage of the app soon, but in the meantime, get your download via iTunes.

UPDATE: Numerous commenters are pointing out that the Home Sharing feature does not allow you to stream from iTunes to the iOS device, although that would sound like a logical thing for it to do. Instead, it merely allows an easier way to "pair" your iOS device and iTunes without entering the four-digit codes required by the previous version. The overly enthusiastic writer of the original story conveyed his deep regret about this error as he was taken out and shot.

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